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Logo design Sydney

Zen Decor's mission is to empower individuals to create a serene environment that promotes well-being, balance, and relaxation. 


E-commerce website design
E-commerce website design Sydney
Logo design Northern beaches


We began with Zen Decor by shaping a brand strategy aimed at gathering an art-loving community seeking peace through curated wall art. This strategy directed our every move.

Next, we developed the brand identity with calming logos, colours, and fonts that mirror Zen Decor's vision.

Finally, we launched an easy-to-use, visually appealing e-commerce site to feature Zen Decor's selected art.


Teaming up with Zen Decor, we've turned the brand into a top pick for folks who want more than just wall art. Our studio has put together a collection that draws from Zen teachings, creating a look that appeals to anyone aiming for a calm living space. We've also improved the online shopping experience, making it easy for their ideal customers to find them.

E-commerce website design
Website design
E-commerce website design
E-commerce website design
E-commerce website design
E-commerce website design

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