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Photography website design

Twin Flame aims to connect with couples worldwide who appreciate cinematic photography and videography to capture their wedding or elopement.


Brand strategy

Brand identity

Website design

website development

Price guide presentation

We started by having a strategic meeting to understand why Twin Flame wants to rebrand and what they want to achieve, what they believe in, and where they see themselves going. This was really important to make sure that their brand and online presence matched up with their goals.

We began by researching Twin Flame's competitors to understand their market landscape. We identified areas where Twin Flame could stand out and developed a brand strategy to guide the design process. This involved pinpointing unique selling points and defining how Twin Flame could differentiate itself from competitors.


Photography logo design
Photography logo design Sydney
Price guide design Sydney

We started by creating a brand strategy, setting their mission and vision, and making detailed profiles of their ideal clients. This helped us craft a plan to attract the right clients using the perfect tone and personality.

Following the strategy, we started the rebranding. We updated the brand identity and gave the website a new look.


brand strategy Sydney


✔️ Attracting high-paying clients

✔️ Overseas project in the first month of lunching

✔️ Build confidence in the brand

Want to attract high-paying clients?

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